Thomas Wensma



EIGHTY Magazine is a print-only publication that taps into a nostalgic feeling by exploring the dynamics and appeal of '80s culture and aesthetic — its style, colours, music, fashion, movies, technology, architecture and more.

Its pages are composed of long-form features, photo stories, essays, in-depth interviews, art work and collaborations. They seamlessly form a mix of retro, nostalgia, and actual snapshots of the 1980s.

Issue 1, coming 2022.

Printed in a limited edition number of copies.
275 x 210 mm, number of pages TBD
Front cover artwork (below) by Eric Weidner

ANALOG Magazine

ANALOG Magazine is a print-only publication. It’s the magazine for analogue nostalgia. 

The magazine is currently a design concept. 

220 x 160 mm

Magnolia Mountain [concept]

A concept book design for Magnolia Mountain. Mark Rose and Maya Santoso make fine handcrafted ceramics also collaborate with a select group of artisans to create an assemblage of pieces unique to their studio Magnolia Mountain.

I deeply love their work and so decided to make this book design concept.

Photography by Magnolia Mountain

220 x 160 mm

TOKYO SERIES - Tokaido Road

The TOKYO SERIES vinyl record packaging design concepts are inspired by the city of Tokyo, Japan.
Japan is a country of valued aesthetics and design. Simplicity is central to Japanese aesthetics; the Japanese have developed a cultural sensibility to beauty, refined aesthetics and simplicity.  

Tokyo is considered one of the most special and beautiful cities. Especially during nighttime.  

Limited Edition LP/EP pressed on Limited Edition white vinyl and special white label design.