writing, editing & design connected together. 

Freelane writer, editor and designer based in the Netherlands.
I mainly write about coffee culture, travel and design.
My writing has appeared in publications such as 
Drift magazine and Standartmag.

  Besides writing, I work as brand & communication designer.
I’m interested in trying to develop and design products,
spaces and experiences that show care and attention to detail.


I love great coffee, so when not typing, it’s likely that
I’m making a pour over brew. I prefer natural processed
coffee, that has intense and distinct flavour notes. Coffee
that is extremely sweet fruity and funky. This makes me want
to just sit down, enjoy, and drink it untill it’s finished.

Besides travel and coffee, I’m also deeply interested 
in architectural design, photography, lighting design 
eco-sustainabilty and minimalism.

Thomas wensma

      twensma@tutanota.com