As a coffee expert and barista, coffee takes an important part in my life. Work, learn, passion project, travel or a good conversation with friends, there is always a cup of freshly brewed cup of coffee by my side. Intense moments of aroma and sensory experience happen when I am cupping coffee’s. A discovery of different tastes and flavor.
When travelling coffee is a thread leading to new experiences, meeting people and usually a visual journey captured by eye and camera lens. Finding beautiful places and spaces. Understanding what makes those places and people unique.

Since 2010 I have been captured by architectural lighting design. Discovering how designing with light can create atmosphere and evoke a range of emotions besides just being practical and functional.
Working as an independent architectural lighting designer and consultant, I have been providing design, specification and consulting services for a wide range of projects.

As a freelance writer, I write stories and opinion pieces about topics such as coffee, design, travel and more.

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