Thomas Wensma

creative — designer


Thomas Wensma

creative — designer

EIGHTY magazine


A print-only publication that taps into a nostalgic feeling by exploring the dynamics and appeal of '80s culture and aesthetic—its style, colours, music, fashion, movies, technology, architecture and more.

Printed in a limited edition number of copies.

275 x 210 mm, 112 pages.
Front cover artwork by Eric Weidner.

ANALOG magazine


ANALOG magazine is a print-only publication. It’s the magazine for analogue nostalgia. 

specialty coffee archive


Specialty coffee archive is a newspaper–magazine hybrid publication focusing on the specialty coffee industry.

It mixes a bold, clear and calm visual design language in a newspaper format.

It has different sections, such as; news, science, spaces, profile/interviews, opinion pieces, reviews, essays, origin stories and events. It has curated ads/sponsored pages that are well designed..

magnolia mountain book


A concept book design for Magnolia Mountain.

Mark Rose and Maya Santoso make fine handcrafted ceramics and also collaborate with a select group of artisans to create an assemblage of pieces unique to their studio Magnolia Mountain.

Photography by Magnolia Mountain

220 x 160 mm

cotton tote bag


Two sided screen printed cotton tote bag design.