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Editing specialty coffee culture  @coffee.editorial 

Editing specialty coffee culture • Appreciating the quality and variety of specialty coffee as I craft my daily coffee ritual into perfection

Great coffee is something I deeply love and enjoy. My passion for specialty coffee and everything that is involved with it leads me to spend time on learning and doing. Things like brewing, cupping and talking about great coffee with others. Ask me in person about my favourite coffee and brew method or just to make you a delicious espresso or pour-over filter brew. 

Freelance writer

I write about coffee, design, technology and travel. Published articles:

Designed for disposal
Nature & Nurture
Substance over style
Aesthetic quality redefined

Branding & Identity
Visual & Brand Identity, Websites, Brand Guidelines, Logo Design, Packaging Design, Campaigns, Print Design, Stationery, Business Cards, Events.

I’m experienced in working for (international) brands by setting creative & art direction, producing content and creative strategy. Simplicity is what I aim for.

I have previously been founder & art director at Ambassador Design. A creative design & communication studio that I founded in 2011.

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