Lighting Designer & Consultant

Light creates the ambiance, look and feel of a place. It’s also the definition and expression of a structure or object.
How can we create a better experience, for people, with lighting? This is what has been important to me from the moment I started working as a lighting designer, back in 2010. 

Good lighting design creates comfort, intimacy and beauty. To create better environments and better experiences we need light as well as preserve darkness. 

“There is no good lighting, without proper darkness.” - Rogier van der Heide.

Coffee Expert

I love great coffee. Making a pour over brew, sit down, enjoy, and drink it untill it’s finished.
I prefer naturally processed coffee, that has intense and distinct flavour notes. Coffee that is extremely sweet, fruity and smooth. The dry fragrance of a great coffee might be the best sensory experience there is. Especially when it’s bursting with tropical fruit aroma.   

I’m an experienced barista. brewer and skilled sensory expert. 


In addition to copywriting and editorial work for brands, I am a published writer. My writing has appeared in numerous publications, including Standartmag, as well as arc magazine, darc magazine and architectural lighting magazine.

Currently I’m working on my first book.