Creative Director
Aesthetically inclined. I like mid-century modern design. Sharp, seductive and elegant. Mid century design and its style have a certain visual appeal. Covetable, well made interior pieces. Shapes that seduce; refined wooden sideboards and tables with tapered legs. Colours that convey style and charm; think olive greens and grey. Natural materials like wood and wool. All together they create spaces that are chic, clean-lined and vintage minimal.

Creating mood and feeling are a big part of what makes creating and creative direction so appealing. Thinking about how all elements need to work together and in relation to its environment and users is a fascinating exercise.

Lighting Designer
Creating atmosphere and designing with light to influence how people feel is what got me into the field of lighting design back in 2010. When I walk into a space, I look up to see the lighting. I take in the entirety of the space and see how the light hits walls, passes through windows and forms delicate shadows. Outside at night the dark is what makes a touch and play of light resonate on a deeper level.

Coffee is an important part of my life. Work, learn, passion project, travel or a good conversation with friends, there is always a cup of freshly brewed coffee by my side. The fragrance and aroma of fresh ground coffee can bring intense satisfaction. 

Coffee is about meeting different people, having new experiences and creating moments of lasting memories. When travelling, it becomes a visual journey captured by eye and camera lens. Finding beautiful places or captivating spaces. 

Brewing a filter coffee by hand is a slow proccess. It takes precision and attention to detail. It’s a process that brings about a sense of calm. Back to simplicity and minimalism. 

          twensma@tutanota.com