T h o m a s    W e n s m a

Creative Director

Creative Director and Designer.

My work encompasses brand design, strategy, editorial, websites and digital experiences, advertising, communications, photography, architectural and lighting design.

Creative Director at TNW Creative Studio 
a multidisciplinary creative design studio.

I also work as a coffee journalist/writer. 

Perfect Daily Grind
Writing for the world’s leading coffee publication.

SOLO Magazine
Exotic Coffee Processing: Jose Giraldo – Cafe 1959—issue 11
A Conversation With The Miners—Interview for issue 11
Simplicity: Envisioning The Future of Specialty Coffee—Opinion Piece for Issue 10
Q Grader: Evaluating Coffee Quality—Issue 10
Dusty Pink—Essay for Issue 9
Low Caffeine Masterpieces—Issue 9
Creative Clarity—Interview for issue 7
From Cover to Cover—Interview for issue 6

Standart Magazine
Hakuj: A Quiet, Very Japanese Refinement—Issue 25
Coffee and Branding—Issue 14

Standart Magazine Japan
Hakuj: A Quiet, Very Japanese Refinement—Issue 19 [Japanese translated]

Drift Magazine
Wild Promise—Essay for Volume 10: Manhattan
Origin at Origin—Introduction for interview aricle Volume 09: Bali
Flavors of Process—Introduction for interview article Volume 09: Bali

Travel publications

Rucksack Magazine
Empty Streets—Essay for Volume Seven: Abandoned