Thomas Wensma

creative — designer


Thomas Wensma

creative — designer

Thomas Wensma — creative and designer living in The Netherlands. Previously Art Director at Philips in Amsterdam.

With experience in design and creative direction, he founded his first company in 2011: Ambassador Design – a creative design studio helping companies with communication, brand strategy and design and creative direction. After taking some time to pursue personal interests and projects, in 2021 he founded his second company: TNW Publishing & Design – a multidisciplinary creative design studio.

His writing & journalism work is mostly focused on the [specialty] coffee industry.


Perfect Daily Grind
Writing for the world’s leading coffee publication.

SOLO Magazine
Simplicity: Envisioning The Future of Specialty Coffee—Opinion Piece for Issue 10
Q Grader: Evaluating Coffee Quality—Issue 10
Dusty Pink—Essay for Issue 9
Low Caffeine Masterpieces—Issue 9
Creative Clarity—Interview for issue 7
From Cover to Cover—Interview for issue 6

Standart Magazine
Hakuj: A Quiet, Very Japanese Refinement—Issue 25
Coffee and Branding—Issue 14

Drift Magazine
Wild Promise—Essay for Volume 10: Manhattan
Origin at Origin—Introduction for interview aricle Volume 09: Bali
Flavors of Process—Introduction for interview article Volume 09: Bali

Standart Magazine Japan
Hakuj: A Quiet, Very Japanese Refinement—Issue 19 [Japanese translated]

Travel publications

Rucksack Magazine
Empty Streets—Essay for Volume Seven: Abandoned