Thomas   Wensma




T h o m a s    W e n s m a

Creative Director

Braun began in Frankfurt, Germany in 1921, when the mechanic and engineer Max Braun (1890–1951) founded the company as a workshop for the construction of appliances. Max Braun died in 1951 and his sons Artur (1925–2013) and Erwin (1921–1992) took over the management of the company. The Braun brothers soon set about reorganizing the company and expanding its product lines. For example, the product range was extended to include additional kitchen appliances, as well as electronic flashguns for amateur photographers. In 1955, Dieter Rams arrived at Braun. Rams became a protégé of the Ulm School of Design (successor to the Bauhaus) luminaries Hans Gugelot, Fritz Eichler and Otl Aicher. He quickly became involved in product design – famously adding the clear perspex lid to the SK4 phonogram in 1956 – and was appointed head of design at Braun from 1961 to 1995. Together with his design team, he was responsible for many of the seminal domestic electrical products – and some furniture – of the 20th century.

These posters are inspired and highlight some of the products designed by Dieter Rams and his team.