Words: Thomas Wensma
Publication: Standart magazine Issue 14 Stone Palate and Late Nights
Published: February 2019


With the growth of modern coffee—or ‘third wave’ coffee, if you prefer—we have come to see amazing coffee being offered by an ever-increasing number of specialty roasters, bars, and cafés, fuelled by the demand of consumers who enjoy quality coffee. The modern coffee industry has not only brought customers much better coffee, but an entire culture has grown around, and promoted an understanding of what specialty coffee really is. The industry has noted the need to be more transparent with customers, and to share with them the stories behind the coffee they are drinking, while it has become apparent that branding can play an important role in such communication, as well as exert an impact on how a coffee business is perceived by its customers; the tremendous rise in the number of specialty coffee shops over the last decade has led to a recognition of the challenge faced by these shops and roasters as they fight for customers.