Publisher, editor & designer of print magazine EIGHTY

A print-only publication that taps into a nostalgic feeling by exploring the dynamics and appeal of 80s culture and aesthetic - its style, colours, music, fashion, movies, technology, architecture and more.

Our pages are composed of long-form features, photo stories, essays, in-depth interviews, art work and collaborations. They seamlessly form a mix of retro, nostalgia and actual snapshots of the 80s decade.

A one-man magazine

EIGHTY is run, published and designed by editor-in-chief Thomas Wensma (writer, designer, and a former editorial art director at a Fortune 500 company)

“After ten years of mostly creating for the digital world, I decided to create something tangible in the form of a print magazine.”

EIGHTY is currently a one-man operation and aims to be an independent magazine supported by readers, contributors, patrons and sponsors.

“This is the magazine I have wanted to make for some time: a high quality magazine with great writers and artists; visually appealing, alluring and nostalgic editorial, all wrapped up in stunning design. Offset printed and perfect bound. Delivered in a 210mm x 275mm format”