For me, simplicity is intrinsic to design. I infuse it in every part of the process. It’s about trying to reduce and simplify as much as possible and bringing order to complexity. Revealing that what is essential and inevitable. There is profound beauty in simplicity, in its clarity, honesty and sense of calm.

Simplicity also has clear value, as it is able to define – in an unusually efficient way – what something does. It’s a form of communication that is direct and easy to understand.


I’m deeply interested in the design of spaces and architecture. Creating a design language and materiality that is about removing boundaries between the inside and outside. Using elements of biophilic design such as daylight, greenery and natural ventilation.

I love how different materials and forms have a clear impact on experience, connection and aesthetics. Timber, cork and stone create warmth and have a natural feel to them. Glass has an effortless ability blurring the inside and outside, adding transparancy and lightness. And then there is the honesty and purity of (white) concrete.

Every element should be designed with enormous care and attention to detail. All working together to imbue the space with calmness and refinement.

Design can create a monolithic space with an appearance where the – sometimes extraordinary – complexity of the engineering solution becomes hidden, so that there is just the simplicity of the space.